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Celestine Tarot

Blessed Wax Bar

Blessed Wax Bar

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Our scented wax tablets are lovingly handmade to banish negativity & stank a*s vibes from your body & aura. Infused with magic, healing scents, protective runes & moon water, this is the perfect way to start your day & keep you focused & in balance. Charged on the altars of corresponding deities, using A-grade herbs & oils. Sift through the choices. 

Usage: Keep it in your wardrobe, altar, or bag for all-day protection against negativity & soothing scent. It also makes the perfect house-warming gift! Not only does it remove negativity but it also smells like a lush garden in paradise!

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Also available in Mini (Rs. 299), Set of 4 (Rs.399), Bell Jar (Rs. 1240), Wax Melt (Rs. 599) & Wax Bar (Rs. 799).

Wait time is subject to availability. Please leave your name, choice of fragrance, WhatsApp number & email ID.

Small batch, limited sets available.

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