About Celestine Tarot & Healing

Celestine by Karishma is a sanctuary where ancient wisdom and spirituality crafted to counter the demands of the 21st century. Our mission is to provide a holistic & spiritual life coaching blended with practical guidance, catering to the demands of the modern world.

Listening is the foundation of our tarot reading & coaching approach. Through meticulously crafted tarot readings, astrology insights, and purposeful conversations, we empower you to confront fears, surmount challenges, and attain the life you are inherently deserving of.

Step into our world of curated rituals and cosmic illumination. Our toolkit comprises a fusion of spiritual modalities, including tarot, oracle, runes, crystals, and candle magic, all designed to elevate your frequencies and unlock the profound wisdom that the Universe offers.

Celestine is the haven for those seeking equilibrium, lucidity, and a profound sense of purpose. Our tarot readings illuminate pathways, crystals hold the keys to esoteric knowledge, and astrology unveils the symphony of celestial rhythms. Join us to embark on a journey of continuous growth, learning, and empowerment.

With Celestine by Karishma, you embark on a boundless odyssey of possibilities. Let us guide you through the troves of blessings and insights that the Universe bestows upon us. 

Step into the magical world of Celestine if:

  • You're curious about spirituality & want to live a balanced life.
  • You want to try your hand at a tarot reading to help clear doubts & make informed decisions about your relationships, career or anything else that's on your mind!
  • You want to experience & learn about the magic of crystals.
  • You want to harness celestial powers & understand how manifestations, moon cycles & astrology truly work.
  • You want to learn to energetically defend yourself.
  • You want to find your soul's purpose & what you were meant to learn in this lifetime.
  • You like "witchy" supplies such as scented candles, incenses & books

With endless possibilities & outcomes, together we'll forge a powerful path to all the blessings & knowledge the Universe has to offer.


Karishma S.