About Celestine Tarot & Healing

Celestine by Karishma was created to blend the magic & wisdom of the cosmos with your fast paced life by adding a dose of spirituality to enhance your day. With simple remedies & mini rituals, at Celestine, we teach you to live a balanced life, attune to your life's purpose & embrace your highest potential.

We use various spiritual modalities such as tarot, oracle, runes, crystal & candle magic to assist you in opening up to higher frequencies & listen to what the Universe has to say to you. With patience & determination, we guide you to the path of mental, emotional, physical & spiritual healing.

Step into the magical world of Celestine if:

  • You're curious about spirituality & want to live a balanced life.
  • You want to try your hand at a tarot reading to help clear doubts & make informed decisions about your relationships, career or anything else that's on your mind!
  • You want to experience & learn about the magic of crystals.
  • You want to harness celestial powers & understand how manifestations, moon cycles & astrology truly work.
  • You want to learn to energetically defend yourself.
  • You want to find your soul's purpose & what you were meant to learn in this lifetime.
  • You like "witchy" supplies such as scented candles, incenses & books

With endless possibilities & outcomes, together we'll forge a powerful path to all the blessings & knowledge the Universe has to offer.



Karishma S.