• What are the do's & dont's of getting a reading?

First & foremost, please do not email us for a free reading or a discount. We love curating experiences for you & it takes a lot of work, effort & time in doing so. The exchange of energy needs to be equal, so when you ask us for free stuff, you're asking us to invest our time & energy for nothing in return, which goes against the Universal laws of give in take. 

Secondly, come with an open mind. Not everything we say will be nice to hear or something you may agree with & sometimes you may have to swallow the hard truth. 

While we predict what could be in store for you, we will also tell you how to get there. Only when you put in the work & co create with the Universe, you may see the results. Remember, what we say in our readings is subject to change & does not hold finality. It is just to help you get a clear vision.

While it may seem tempting, refrain from sharing your questions (except in our mini written reading option). I shall ask you the questions during your reading.

Please do not ask us to extend our time limit for you. While we love to help you, it is unfair on other clients who would be waiting or complete the reading during the time frame mentioned. If you'd like to extend our reading, please feel free to book another one.

Please note that we do not "carry forward" pending time from our readings. Some reading tend to run under the time frame mentioned. If there are no more questions or you have received your guidance, we will not do another reading with the minutes you have left.

  • What can I ask about?

Anything! You can ask us about what's in store for your relationships, career, your purpose, pending decisions, etc. However, keep your list short & questions concise. The way we like to read is to go in-depth & find out the root causes. It does get heavy & you may feel emotional but know that we are there for you.

  • What to do on the day of the reading?

Make sure you have stable internet connection, water & a book to note things down. You will be sent a zoom video link. Recording the reading isn't allowed, however you are free to note things down in your notebook. Make sure there are no distractions & you're in a comfortable space where you feel relaxed.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel my reading?

Cancellations are non-refundable. In case you want to reschedule your reading, you can write to us on our Instagram DMs or email us on bookings@celestinetarot.com & we will get back to you about the next available date & time.

  • What currency do you charge in?

All prices are in INR. 

  • What payment methods are acceptable?

We accept google pay, bank transfers & UPI. COD is not allowed.