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Celestine Tarot

Full / New Moon Ritual & Reading

Full / New Moon Ritual & Reading

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A 2 hour online full or new moon ritual & reading with Karishma. We will harness the energy of the moon to manifest your desires or remove blockages along with a reading focused on the Moon's advice for the next moon cycle. This will help you approach relationships, career, friendships, etc. with positivity & added guidance.

Wait time is within 1 week of payment. Please leave your name, WhatsApp number & email ID for the link. If payment is made just before the new/full moon (check our instagram for updates!), it will be on the next moon cycle.


*Please note: I do not answer questions about health or death. This is not a substitute for legal, financial or medical advice. Please use your discernment & use this as advice for the steps you can take next. Remember, the work needs to be done by you.

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