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What To Do On A New Moon - Quick & Easy Tips & Tricks

The moon goes through distinct phases as it circles it's way around us. Divided into 4, we see the moon through all it's phases - whether it's shining bright to reveal our shadows, or beautiful crescent & hiding parts of itself or when it's completely hidden to come back anew. Depending on it's phase, it assists us with building something fresh from the ground up or releasing a chapter that needs to end. Harnessing the moon's energy is powerful magic & a great way to set your intentions & see through your plan. Here are some quick tips on how to work with the energy of the moon.

In this article, we will talk about the new moon & how to work with this phase. Listed below are a few things you can incorporate in your busy schedule. For an extended & powerful ritual & reading to honour the new moon's energy, you can book a 1 on 1 session with me here.

New Moon Energy: The energy if the new moon is the first phase - bringing the promise of fresh beginnings, growth & the ecstatic & anticipatory feeling of something new coming your way. Imagine it as fertile soil, ready for planting new seeds that grow into fruits of your labour. This is where abundance begins. This is where your patience & clear vision are most important, so that you know exactly what you are manifesting & what's coming into fruition. This leaves new moons feeling like a particularly ideal time for self-reflection, course correction and goal-setting. Here are a few quick things you can do.

1. Set An Intention: List down EXACTLY what you want. Take some time to do this as sometimes, we feel we want something but it may not be what we might want later on. So focus on your goal for at least the month ahead & note it down, point wise. Make it as extensive or as precise as you want. Pro Tip: Start with just 1 thing instead of writing a long list. This allows you to bring your focus on 1 thing. Work with the sign the new moon is in & take it from there.

2. Light A Candle: Light our intention candle or a tall white candle or tea light candle & place it on your book. Draw symbols, sigils or write whatever you are trying to manifest. Take some time to look into the fire & imagine these coming into reality. Pro Tip: If you have your list ready, you can place our intention candle on top of the book. You can get our intention candle for new moon/full moon, abundance or love here that will take it one step further & comes charged with intentions.

3. Start A New Project: Be fair, have you been putting something off for a while? A diet, workout routine, quality time with your family or a hobby you wanted to pick up? This is the perfect time to start it & nurture it. Think about what you want to start- anything small. You can do 1 day workshops on topics you like, as grasping information & knowledge on this day will prove fruitful. You can check out our workshops herePro Tip: Start something to honour yourself. I started a skin care routine & set an intention to take care of my skin by dedicating 10 minutes everyday where I'm free of any distraction & take time & pleasure in performing my skin care ritual.

4. Abundance Planning: Start planning your expenses, investments & see what your month ahead looks like financially. List down any income you might want to attract & manifest it coming to you. Pro Tip: Fill out an abundance cheque on a new moon to generate money for the month ahead. You can get our printable one here.

5. Crystals: Work with a moonstone to help control the effects of the new moon. You may fel moody, sleepy & exhausted. Moonstones are known to bring your manifestations to life by balancing your emotions. You can buy one by sending us a DM. Pro Tip: You can incorporate other crystals that match your intention such as amethyst top balance your 3rd eye chakra, citrine for joy, pyrite for abundance or rose quartz for love.

6. Sleep: Hands down the easiest one! Since new moon is a period of new beginnings, it is filled with high energy. It may take a toll on your body so your best bet would be to set an intention to take care of your health by sleeping in & waking up renewed. This is also my favourite thing to do as it helps me get upto speed after a well rested night.

7. Book A Reading: This is the perfect time to find out what's going to start & end in your life. Getting a reading allows you to push forward on your goals & know exactly what to invest energy on, especially if our reader knows about astrology too. For eg., whenever I do a new moon or full moon read, I start with the reading to see what energy they are attracting. This is followed by a long ritual that we do alongside to bring forth & align them with the energy that they need to be at. After 2 hours, they feel relaxed, hopeful & powerful. In case you want to book a ritual & reading to honour the moon's energy, you can book a 1 on 1 session with me here.

New Moon is the perfect time for starting a fresh chapter & these tools will guide you & assist you towards taking the first step. Let us know what other rituals you do. Hope you have a bless new moon!

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