Top 10 Crystals For Attracting Abundance & Wealth

Top 10 Crystals For Attracting Abundance & Wealth

I get asked this ALL THE TIME - "Which is the perfect crystal for attracting more money?".  The answer however is not as simple. While some crystals are powerful money magnets, they are not a genie's lamp to land the riches. Instead, they will align you to a powerful vibration where doors may open, the "a-ha" moment may strike for the next billion dollar idea or it will help you clear past beliefs that kept you stuck. Here are my top 10 favourite crystals to attract not just money, but real treasure - your limitless potential.

1. Pyrite:

Arguably, my favourite "money" crystal. I first bought a pyrite for someone else - only for it to come back to me. It chose me & decided to work with me when I simply dreamed of living a luxurious life, without wanting to lift a finger. As soon as it came in, I took up a first job after 3 years. It took it's time to work through my lack mentality & money blockages. It helped me secure a stable job, start a side hustle (Celestine!) & attract better offers. It also helped me ground & think sensibly about investing my money. Perfect For: Entrepreneurs, investing money for the long term, job seekers, business owners & finance students. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

2. Jade:

I got my first jade when I was travelling with my parents, back in 2013 IN China. It's an extremely rare crystal with a lot of dupes in the market so be careful where you buy it from. This crystal is the Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity. When I first got my jade, I didn’t really use it as much but it has proved to bring good luck in my family's favour against debts. When I did start using it, it brough a lot of luck by opening new doors, chance meetings & keeping me healthy & safe. It helps me attract more clients for my small business & prosperity wherever I take it with me. Perfect for: Newlywed couples, new job, business owners and small businesses. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

3.Tiger’s Eye:

I got my tigers when I was fresh out of job, going through a divorce, in need of severe change and some much-needed funds. I was exhausting my savings, looking for a job and decided to take a budget trip with a close friend, when I stumbled upon my first tigers eye. Not only did I secure job shortly after, I also found new passion in my work and powerful protection to keep low vibrations such as lack mentality away. It helps me build a Celestine, free of fear & judgement from others & bring it to what it is today. Perfect for: People in financial disputes, new job owners, entrepreneurs, business owners and those seeking jobs. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

4. Malachite:

Malachite was recommended to me by a mentor during the healing session. I first got my malachite when I was looking to expand my business and boy, did it deliver! It came into my life when I decided to pursue my spiritual gifts and take a Celestine a notch higher. I had my doubts about scalability when it came to growing my spiritual venture, but malachite was not having it. It pushed me to open up in face of fear & take my business to newer heights very powerfully. This green crystal encourages risk-taking and change by breaking unwanted ties, and outworn patterns like lack mentality and fear. Perfect for: entrepreneurs, people looking to venture into a new business altogether, job seekers. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

5. Clear Quartz:

This, hands down, is my favourite crystal and I recommend this to literally everyone. You will find at least one clear quartz in my bag at all times. The beauty of working with clear quartz is that you can program it to do what ever you desire. It simply helps you attune to and align with the vibration of the things that you need. However, the twist is that it will require you to think hard about your goals & build a tangible step by step plan to get there. This crystal will force you to take necessary actions instead of just landing things on your lap. Perfect for: Every single person. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

6. Citrine:

I found my citrine when I was in a desperate need to let my hair down, have fun and bring joy back into my life. A powerful wealth magnet, citrine encourages you to enjoy the process. When I found my citrine, it helped me understand my purpose, become confident, have fun while working and get away from the hustle culture. It helped me enjoy the wealth that I was working so hard creating & live luxuriously. It infuses joy, happiness and radiates positivity into your life, encouraging you to slow down & smell the roses. Perfect for: People with a hectic job, business owners with a lot of stress. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

7. Green Aventurine:

This green crystal is known to manifest quick wealth. It will help you get unexpected money, tax returns, money that you lend to a friend and so much more. It helps open your heart chakra to really listen to what you need, and brings you that. It also allows you to build your confidence and your leadership qualities while you’re at it, making it perfect in attaining the funds that we need at the moment or get in investors. It also helps in making sound investments with good returns - albeit at the behest of your financial advisor. Perfect for: Erasing debt, investing, business owners, entrepreneurs and job seekers. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

8. Garnet:

I got my first garnet rather unexpectedly. But it found me at the right time. It is a powerful wealth magnet that helped me attract my dream clientele and opened new avenues of business when I wanted to scale. It forces you to push forth with conviction in the face of fear, taboo &  flushes out negative energy from your business. It brings strength and passion to your soul, driving you towards your purpose. I found it at a time where I was simply earning to earn, instead of living & following my soul’s path. Perfect for: Spiritual or wellness business owners, job seekers who want to change their field towards what their heart desires. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

9. Carnelian:

I found this crystal by chance when a client turned close friend ordered this crystal from me. The purpose she needed it for, was to align her sacral chakra and somehow I managed to get one for myself by complete mistake. By getting this crystal, I opened up to a world of new ideas. I was suddenly killing it at work & getting recognised for my ideas & creativity. Carnelian is a crystal of creation - it brings life or gives birth to the new. It helped me bring a Celestine to life & continues to inspire me in small & big ways. Perfect for: Creative individuals, artists, entrepreneurs in the creative space and jobs that require creativity. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

10. Amethyst:

While it may not completely translate to a wealth magnet, what an amethyst does is open up your mind in order to make clear, concise decisions. It was the first ever crystal I laid my eyes on & quickly became my favourites. This deep purple hued crystal cuts through confusion & relieves mental stress, making it perfect for every person - whether you're an artist, lawyer, student, business person or homemaker. It opens your 3rd eye chakra to help you with mental clarity & allows you to make sound judgements. Having this crystal will help you navigate towards your goal in clear, concise steps & agility, even when problems may arise. Perfect for: Entrepreneurs, students, lawyers, people who have a lot of mental stress. You can purchase this crystal from Celestine by sending me a DM.

All of these crystals are available for purchase on Celestine. You can also purchase our spiritual subscription box for abundance that contains crystals, herbs & so much more to help you attract abundance & wealth.

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