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Quick Grounding Techniques For Everyday

If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you will know the emphasis I put on grounding. It is an absolute necessity for people who are:

- Dealing with stress.

- Empaths or energy workers.

-  Always confused.

- Feeling anxious, scared, low vibrational & hopeless.

- Feeling negativity around you.

This is one of my favourite techniques to do at the end of everyday to feel rejuvenated, stable & balanced before & after I do my reading or just when I'm feeling anxious. Here are a few tried & tested ways to ground your energy that are quick, easy & effortless. It's almost magical to connect with the energy of the Earth & allow it help you.

Why its's important:

To be grounded means to be present in one’s body. It means you are centred and connected to who you are. It brings balance to your mind, body and soul.
When you are grounded you are in touch with your true spiritual self and feel secure and stable. Grounding brings a sense of calmness and oneness with the Earth and everything in it.

Grounding is especially important for empaths or those with psychic abilities as we can be quite susceptible to the energies and emotions of those around us and being ungrounded can have detrimental effects on us, especially if we remain ungrounded over a long period of time.

How to ground:

1. Nature

Interacting with the earth is a classic technique for a reason. It reconnects us with our physical being and the solidity of the world we inhabit. Simply make some time to walk around outside barefoot, preferably on some soft grass. Or if that’s not possible, just walking outside without any distractions, feeling the air, smelling the flowers or touching plants and trees, being exactly in this moment can help you ground easily. You can also sit by the root of a big tree, on sand at a beach or anywhere in nature where you will be uninterrupted & distraction free.

2. Crystals

Rocks and crystals are also excellent ways to get in touch with the ground. Carry one with you and hold it when you feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, or as if you're drifting away from your center. This brings back your focus and give you a quick bounce of energy. Imagine the stone absorbing all the ungrounded energy. Afterwards you can easily recharge the stone by placing it outside in the sunlight or moonlight or holding them under running water or saging. You can purchase sage here & buy crystals from us directly from our DMs.

3. Moving around/Exercising

A quick way to shake off the energy. Go for a quick walk, do a little dance, or simply wave your arms and hands around as if flicking off something. 
Squats are an especially effective way to ground oneself, awakening our entire lower body and giving a satisfying sense of truly being here. You can choose any activity that helps you get deep inside yourself and washes away any unwanted energy.

4. Water

Engaging with water is a quick way to return your awareness to your body. Taking a big sip of water and imagining it going down you and washing any turmoil inside you helps you focus.
Another way is take a shower or washing your hands and imagining all the unwanted energy being washed away.

5. Gardening

Spend time gardening or tending to plants, allowing your stress to fall into the background and dissipate. A more holistic approach to this can be tending to your own kitchen garden or vegetable patch, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and you know what you are putting in your body.

6. Meditation

There are different forms to meditate and you can choose the one which feels right to you. These frequencies can help connect you with the energy of the earth which procides stability & helps you stay centred. There are many available and here’s one that can help you achieve that. Simply let it play in the background.

Another way is to do a guided meditation. This helps in using a technique that not only shows you what to do but is something I use when I cant seem to concentrate. Here's on I recommend that is quick & easy.

7. Smoke cleanse/ Smudging

A smudging stick can be a good way to cleanse your physical space and aura. We at Celestine have a safe bundle that can be burned and used to smoke the your entire living space. You can combine this method with a meditation too, to amplify its results. You can purchase sage here.

8. Root Chakra

Connect with your root chakra, imagine roots growing out & going into the ground carrying the excess energy & sending revitalising energy back to you. This is one of the BEST methods that I do everyday. 

Being ungrounded can even leave us vulnerable to illness as we may become overwhelmed by the bombardment of other people's energies or emotions, manifesting in symptoms of illness. So please follow the above mentioned steps to practise grounding in a mindful way that benefits you.

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