Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Mercury, the planet of communication & technology, goes into retrograde 2-3 times every year. With it, it brings a string of issues such as technology errors, miscommunication causing fights or arguments, taking rash decision & the internet favourite: Return of the ex! However, this is also a time to deep re-evaluation. Mercury retrograde is a great time to reinvent yourself by staying patient & self reliant. It asks you to reassess the way you communicate - the way you talk about yourself, the way you talk to others & the way you talk to the Universe.Apart from being patient, here are my top do’s and don’ts for Mercury Retrograde season:

1. Don’t make any major technology or car purchases: Mercury rules all things tech and transportation. Software glitches and engine breakdowns aren’t just possibilities during Mercury retrograde, they’re the norm. If you need a new car, a replacement iPhone or even just a charger—truly anything involving wires—wait until after Mercury retrograde to buy if possible. Sometimes though, you have no choice. If you really have to just make sure you keep the receipt. It’s possible you’ll have to return it.

2. Don't sign important documents: Communication in general is skewed during mercury retrograde. Signing important documents could result in loopholes or issues due to miscommunication, confusion & end up being a rushed job. Try to avoid signing anything major like a lease, contracts, job offers if you can if you don't want to be caught off guard later on

3. Do finish projects: Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to review and recommit. So if you’re sitting on a bunch of half-finished ideas, get to work! Depending on what part of the zodiac Mercury is moving through, you might be inspired to finally finish cleaning out your garage or complete that knitting project you abandoned last winter! Anything that requires technical skill and a slow, steady approach benefits during this time. 

4. Don’t rush: As we know, Mercury retrograde causes delays and miscommunications, so if you have something important to say, take your time saying it! Proofread your emails and your text messages for typos or misnomers that could easily be taken the wrong way. If you’re dating someone new, they might be slow to set up dates, or you two might have incompatible schedules. Instead of getting frustrated, accept this as a learning curve and a chance to get to know their rhythm. 

5. Do stay calm: Your thoughts may be running. Your temper may be running high. You may be extremely sesitive. You may react without thinking & it may end up hurting someone else or yourself. Try to do everything you can to keep your mind calm. 

6. Do keep things flexible: Mercury retrograde leads a lot of us down a nostalgia wormhole, and you might find yourself thinking about an ex lover, a faraway BFF or a coworker with whom you fell out of touch. If you’re feeling an itch to reconnect, be the Mercury retrograde you wish to see in the world and send them a text. Another "re" word is, of course, reconcile. You might also bump into old friends unexpectedly during this transit. Keep your schedule as flexible as possible so you can make the most of the run-in and take a lunch break to catch up rather than just saying a hurried hi. The point is to take the happy accidents and run with them.

7. Do meditate: Use an amethyst to keep your thoughts in check & stay clear. Use nature to ground you. Have an indulgent meal & slow down.

All in all, it will be a test on your mind & self control. Remember that no one or nothing else can affect you unless you're already affected by it. So use this time to go within your shell. Let me know what you will be doing so I can use it too!

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