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How To Remove Negativity From Your Home

Everything you touch, see, feel or hear is energy that you consume or give out. While energy never dies, it instead transmutes or changes from “positive” to “negative” or vice versa depending on who has access to it, especially by touch. 

Everyday, we meet multiple people and pick up on their energy & in return give ours to. This can be anyone you come in contact with - from your Uber driver, your colleagues and friends, your delivery person and even places that we visit or pass. When we interact with them or are in their energetic space, we pick up their energy. For eg. if your colleague has been having a bad day, they are bound to be operating on a lower energy. Imagine how much energy we pick up, especially when we live with others or interact with others. This now only affects us, but over time, we start believing what they believe or feel. Imagine yourself as a pristine white cloth. The negative energy you pick up gets attached to you as stains- some big and some small. Can you visualise how dirty it gets when it hasn’t been cleaned regularly? Wouldn’t you throw that piece of cloth for a wash if you saw it getting dirty? Similarly, you need to energetically cleanse yourself to remove these “stains”. If not cleansed, over time they begin to create dents in your personality, they make you believe & focus on false and limited beliefs that aren’t yours in the first place & can manifest into bad physical, emotional and mental health. You may start seeing financial losses, discord in relationships, sickness at home, arguments, job loss & other issues that may seem like a bad streak of luck. Here are a few way to help you cleanse yourself that will help you retain your energy & keep your vibrations high:

1. Smudging: Using a sacred herb such as sage bundle, palo santo wood, rosemary bundle, camphor & frankincense helps in elevating your spirits by removing negative from your aura, crystals and your home. 

2. Salt: Whether you bathe in sea/Epsom salts or cleanse your home & crystals with it, salt is a sure fire way to remove stuck energy from your space. 

3. Lemon: Lemon water or whole lemons are potent in removing psychic attack or other spell work that could be causing harm. 

4. Cord Cutting: One of the most potent ways to remove yourself from someone else’s energy is coed cutting or spiritual surgery which helps in detaching the energy straight from the root. This should only be performed by trained healers so be cautious about trying this at home. 

5. Visualisation: Another powerful technique, visualisation is powerful in helping you free yourself from negative attachments. Add a prayer fo your favourite deity or Archangel Micheal, Goddess Kali or simply the Universe, Source or your ancestors to make this even more potent.

6. Aura Spray: Blended with powerful I tentions and herbs, aura sprays not only elevate your mood but also cleanse out any remnants of low vibrations from your body, mind, space and aura.


7. Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Clear QuartZ, Tiger’s Eye & Selenite are a few crystals that you can keep on your person or in your home or office to remove negative and infuse positivity.  


You can purchase crystals, sage, palo Santo, Rosemary, potent aura sprays as well as a cord cutting at Celestine from our shop. Keep those stank energies away!




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