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How To Make The Most Of Your Tarot Readings

Getting a tarot reading should be a seamless process. A good tarot reading or reader will leave you with clarity, confidence & the ability to make your own decisions. A lot of people who come to me, leave feeling relieved & empowered. But overall, there are so many questions I face while booking a potential clients as people are still unaware of how to make the most of their tarot readings. I have often been asked by clients, how to prepare for a reading. Based on my general observations, here are a few do's & dont's to ensure you get the best of your reading.

Let's start with the DO's:

1. Book an appointment instead of leaving it to the last minute. It takes every reader some time to detach, meditate & prepare for your reading. It's always good etiquette to book in advance like you would book any other appointment. You can book an appointment here.

2. Be forthcoming & honest about your situation. sometimes, It's tough to talk about the situation you're in but being honest about whatever's going on helps your reader get a clear picture of what's going on & what energy you're vibrating at.

3. Come with an open mind. often, because of ego or disbelief, we try to dismiss what we don't like. A good tarot reading will not only tell you what's wrong but will guide you to correct it, even if it's something you may not want to hear or are dismissive of it. 

4. Prepare to go in-depth. And I mean really in-depth. Your reading will get you in touch with your innermost fears & help you deal with them instead of brushing over the surface.

5. List down 3-4 key questions, depending on your time frame, instead of a list of 30 questions. Being clear & concise about your questions helps your reader wade free from confusion to give you a picture of clarity in order to make the right decision.

6. Be free of distractions. set aside at least 30 mins before your reading, where you prepare your mind for the reading. ensure you're in a calm space. during your reading, keep your phone on silent & ensure you're alone.

7. Be prepared to do the hardwork after your reading. If your reader has asked you to do an easy ritual or shadow work, get your hands dirty as it is only going to benefit you in the end. 

8. Be open to the messages coming through. Even if you're not liking what's coming, don't dismiss it straightaway. Instead, ask your reader how to deal with it.

Here's what you SHOULDN'T DO under any circumstances:

1. Don't ask for free readings or ask for an extension in time. There's a lot of energy spent & unfair on other clients. Just as you wouldn't expect a therapist to extend their time, it's not good etiquette to get more than what you paid for.

2. Don't text or call your tarot reader before your appointment & talk about the situation. Don't assume your reader is always going to be free to help you out. Your reader also has a life, with their own set of problems, other jobs, people, appointments to keep & health to focus on. Your reader will only ask you for details during your appointment.

3. Don't come with disbelief, ask for "proof" or show up with an attitude of 'testing' your reader (or any other person to be honest). Not only are you inviting bad energy, but you are also disrespecting the knowledge, service & experience your reader has acquired over the years. Keep your ego in check. Just as you wouldn't ask a doctor for "proof" on a successful surgery, same way, no profession in the world will give you 100% proof of something happening or not happening.

4. Don't ask about death or when a loved one would pass. Most readers aren't comfortable with answering that sort of question as it has a negative impact on our energy and it leaves you, the client, with trauma.

5. Don't ask "yes" or "no" or time related questions. Your reading is meant to equip you to make the decision yourself so refrain from asking questions like, "When will I get married" or "Should I take this job". Instead, frame the questions as, "What shall I do in order to get married in x years" or "What are the consequences of me taking or leaving this job".

6. Refrain from asking a lot of questions or confirmations. Most of the time, some people get stuck on the same question & keep going around. For eg., asking "will I get married? Will it be someone I know? Will they be from my cast? Will they live in my city or abroad? Is their name x? What does their name start with? Who all will be in their family". Yes, we have these questions but tarot is a tool to empower you & not just predict your life. There is free will involved which influences your decisions & hence, your future.

7. Don't read up online about card meanings. The card interpretations, spreads & intuitive messages that your reader gets is basis their energy & ability to read. Just as you won't go to a google to prove your doctor wrong, going online to read up meanings shows that you don't trust your reader & it comes from a place of not accepting what you're meant to hear.

8. Don't substitute your reading for medical, financial or legal advice. Your reader is meant to guide you but will always tell you get medical, financial. or legal help when it is necessary.

It's not so different from getting an appointment with a therapist, a doctor, lawyer, etc. Various tarot readers have different offerings so read up about those. You can see our services here. So take a chill pill & show up authentic, eager & ready to explore your inner world. 



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