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How To Cleanse Your Crystals - Easy Tips & Tricks

Crystals carry high-frequency energy & radiate positivity by transmuting negativity into high vibrations. Just like anything that gives out energy (think of your laptop), it also takes in a lot of energy & hence requires cleansing & recharging. Here's a quick guide with some tips & tricks to cleanse your crystals effortlessly & quickly.

1. Water:  Water is arguably one of the best sources of & synonymous with cleansing. We use it to bathe, wash & hydrate ourselves & plants. Similarly, running or rain water is one of the best ways to cleanse & remove excess energy from your crystals. However, not all crystals are water safe so this may not be for all crystals. Crystals that end with 'ite' or 'ine' should be kept away from water such as black tourmaline, citrine, moonstone, selenite, celestine, opal, aquamarine amongst others.

2. Sage: Sage is one of the holiest herbs, known to cleanse & remove negativity from your space. The best way to cleanse your water-safe crystal is to light up your sage & let your crystals hover over the smoke. Make sure you use an abalone shell for it's own unique benefits or a fire proof bowl. You can purchase high qulity sage here & abalone shell through our DMs.

3. Sound Healing: Sound healing hits just the right frequency to radiate positivity & eliminate negativity from the space around you. Either invest in a Tibetan sound bowl or simply play sound healing music on youtube to let go of any stuck negativity or excess energy in your crystal for at least 1 hour. Here's one of my favourite ones to play.

4. Salt: Immersing your crystals in sea salt of bless salts (you can get our multipurpose salts here) are one of the most potent ways to drain the negativity from your crystals. Keep them immersed for at least 2-3 hours & a maximum of 24 hours before you charge them.

5.Selenite: Selenite is a powerful crystal that needs no cleansing. In fact, it cleanses other crystals placed around or on it. The easiest way to cleanse your crystals is investing in a selenite plate or bowl & just leave it there. 

6. Aura Spray: Sprinkle some of our aura spray on your crystals to remove stuck, excess or downright evil energy. This is useful for empaths or energy workers such as me who do hectic readings or are around low vibrations (even if you're around illness, this works) for some time & the effects have started to affect you negatively. You can purchase our protection & cleansing aura spray 'Armoury', here.

7. Florida Water: Arguably something that took the spiritual world by storm, this cologne is one of THE most useful tool to have in your altar. It is used for offerings, cleansing, and so much more.

Cleansing is essential to improve the vibes that your crystals carry. Whether you go in depth & work on cleansing each crystal or using a no nonsense selenite slab, never EVER forget to cleanse your crystals. 

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