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Easy & Quick Money Rituals

Let's face it, who doesn't want to generate more money easily? If it's been a constant struggle for you to keep up with your bills & have tested every easy or tough way to bring more money it, I have listed own a few tricks & tips that I consistently use to invite more abundance in. Having said that, these rituals work when you have faith & practise them consistently. There's no right or wrong way to do it. The most important thing is to set a strong intention & work towards your goals instead of just manifesting it.

If you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, looking for a job or just want additional money to help you live a stress free life, I highly recommend the rituals below. The best day to do it according to me is either on a Thursday or New Moon.

1. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is an excellent herb for money manifestation. Keep a bark on cinnamon in your wallet to attract money easily or simply sprinkle some cinnamon powder in your locker or wallet. 

2. Switchwords: Write with a green pen on paper or chant multiple times everyday the following numbers to increase the flow of money & customers to your business: 234451, 520, 808, 741. I personally chant each number 22 times.

3. Intention Roll On: Roll our abundance oil on your wrist, wallet, cash, cheque book, business card, business books, abundance cheque & affirm, "Money flows easily to me". You can purchase our money oil from here.

4. Affirmations: By chanting these affirmations daily, you will be attracting an abundant state of mind. "Money loves me. Money flows to me easily. I am successful & abundant. Money loves my bank account." x5 times everyday.

5. Bay Leaf: Bay leaf is a potent herb for manifestation & is one of the most magical herbs to exist. With a blue or green marker, write down your goal or amount of money you want to receive on the bay leaf. Light a white candle. Visualise your wishes coming true. Burn the bay leaf & dispose off the ashes outside your house. Another method is to write your wish or amount on the bay leaf & keeping it in your wallet or locker.

6. Abundance Cheque: A popular method, abundance cheques are a sure fire way to attract more money into your account. Write down a cheque to yourself on a new moon's night for the month ahead. You can download the abundance cheque here. Keep it framed or in a place you see everyday. Everytime you see it, send some gratitude by saying, "Thank you for money coming to me". You can buy our printable here.

7. Chanting: Goddess Laxmi is the hindu goddess who is the bestower of wealth, beauty & abundance. Praying to her with her chant "Shreem" is known to bestow people with wealth. However, if you wish to pray to the Universe, you can chant "Money on". For people seeing a job, you can chant, "job on" 22 times everyday.

8. Crystals: Crystals such as pyrite, citrine, jade & malachite are powerful energy accelerators to increase stability around wealth & bring in over all good luck. Place these on your altar or your office desk to bask in it's energy. You can purchase them from Celestine by writing to us on our DMs.

9. Gratitude: Being grateful for the amount you desire is another powerful way to attract abundance in an easy way. You can purchase our undated Gratitude Journal downloadable to manifest with ease here.

BONUS: When you regret spending money, the relationship you have with it gets sour. While paying for something, always affirm, "All the money I spend, comes back to me 3 times & more".





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