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22.2.2022 - How To Harness This Power To Manifest Your Dreams

22.02.2022 has been a highly anticipated date & we've been asked by multiple people what they can do & h0ow they can manifest on this highly magical day. Here's an easy & quick routine to help you with the laws of attraction & harness this date's energy to it's maximum potential.

The energy of 2 is associated with perfect balance, union, love, longterm relationships & partnerships & duality. What this means is, these areas of your life are ready to be upgraded if & when you make space for it. The angel number 222 is a message of unconditional love & coming into alignment. Harnessing this energy for your greater good is an amazing way to magnify your manifestations.

Here’s a few things you can try to make the most of this magical day!

Step 1 - Make a wish list of everything that you want covering all aspects of your life. Include every area you can think of such as love, career, relationships, personal goals, health, etc. 

Step 2 - Under each aspect, set specific intentions, putting down every detail that you want to include such as, "I am grateful for a fun job that pays me x amount of money".

Step 3 - Forget about the ‘how’. The Universe is on your side, let it do it’s work while you do yours which is concentrating on co-creating with the Universe by putting in a practical plan of action & staying optimistic.

Step 4 - Write a letter to the Universe, thanking it for granting your wishes and always looking out for you. You can add pictures to this letter to intensify the magic.

Step 4 - Rub a couple of drops of our intention oil on this list and letter and rub a few drops of it on your wrist to seal the deal. You can buy it here.

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Step 6 - Hold this letter & close your eyes. Think of exactly how you would feel when all of your words are manifested into reality. Hold onto that feeling & imagine it spreading it throughout your body.

Step 7 - Light a white candle or for more power, our intention setting candle, preferably at 02:22 AM/PM and keep your list & letter underneath it. You can get it here.

Order it now🌟 https://celestinetarot.com/products/mini-soy-wax-jar-candles

Step 8 - Fold these sheets of paper towards you & keep this list in sight. Every time you see it, feel the happiness and joy and always send out a  thank you.

Once this is done, forget about it. the more you hold onto it, the more it goes away. Relinquish control & see how magic unfolds in front of your eyes.

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