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Celestine Tarot

1 on 1 Workshops

1 on 1 Workshops

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A 1 hour online guided personal workshop to help you understand various topics & harness the energies of the cosmos such as:

  • FULL/NEW MOON: To help you understand the phases of the moon & how to invite or remove energies.
  • SECRETS OF MANIFESTATION: Easy to use techniques to attract money, love, travel, a new wardrobe, a raise, a vacation, etc.
  • CRYSTAL HEALING: Workshop for beginners to help you work with crystals, what they do & how to harness their energy + cleansing charging & other techniques.

The workshop will have a general card pull or pick a pile reading along with a guided meditation & a small ritual.

*Please Note: Mention your choice of workshop in checkout. Please leave your email ID, whatsapp number or instagram ID for your link & workshop details. Our workshops are held on new moon or full moon days & weekends after 8PM IST.



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